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21 of the Best Real Estate Blog Ideas

Real estate agents are great at what they do, which is showing homes, working with buyers and sellers and coordinating home sales. When it comes to content creation and writing for their blogs, social media posts, etc., they often struggle with these important components. Many agencies simply place some of their featured listings into a blog, post them all to Facebook or Twitter and call it a day. Well, that’s quick and easy but it’s also very boring for their followers or blog visitors.

Blogs and social media are meant to be socially interactive. Unless it is a very unique and special listing, it’s doubtful that anyone will get excited over the latest “split-level ranch with views”. Keep the listings where they belong – searchable on the website. Check out the following 21 real estate blog ideas to get you moving in the right direction. This will help attract more visitors to your website, blog, social media and encourage e-mail subscribers.

  1. What is going on in your local area in terms or real estate sales and trends? If someone is considering a move to your city or town, they want to know where they can get the best value for their money. Maybe a town with huge growth is too pricy a market, while a nearby “bedroom community” may offer much better homes at a lower price.
  2. Create a YouTube channel for your agency and regularly upload videos that you have created or professional videos that you have the rights to use and post. Embed these videos into your blog posts. Make sure to add the proper keywords into your YouTube videos and leverage the search power of Google. Definitely add links within your YouTube descriptions to your website and/or blog.
  3. Write articles about different areas in your region. What are the best restaurants? Where are the best places to live for people who like water sports, skiing, nightlife and shopping, etc.
  4. Create an ongoing resource area for people moving to the area who do not know where to turn for help. Who can they call for plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, medical clinics, veterinarians, tax preparation, etc. Nothing is more frustrating than moving to a new area and not knowing who to call when you need help.
  5. Explain why people should work with your agency in particular. What can you offer that differentiates you from your competitors? Maybe it’s as simple as providing a personalized gift at closings.
  6. Create short videos about your agency and the people who work with you. This will provide a personal touch that puts a real person behind the typical agent photos that are generally displayed.
  7. Create polls on Facebook that are fun for your followers yet also provide you with useful information. Maybe a list of things such as “Which of these items would you like to see us write about in our blog?” and then blog about the poll itself. Notice how easily you can integrate all of these things together to keep your audience engaged?
  8. Look at some iOS and Android apps that would be helpful for people when they are renting, buying, selling a home, plus homeowner tips and tools, etc. Take it a step further and write individual reviews (blog posts) about some of these helpful apps.
  9. Read other local blogs and websites for informative articles that your audience will enjoy. This is also a great way to set up a reciprocal link exchange with someone else. Both of you can benefit from promoting and sharing your blog content.
  10.   Create neighborhood “walk around” videos. These should be short, informal videos of you talking about the neighborhood and pointing out some interesting aspects. Use a mobile phone with a good camera and try to shoot it smoothly and not jerk the camera around too fast. Upload to your YouTube channel.
  11.   Interview local business owners, town officials, local “celebrities” and other interesting people. These can make great blog posts. A quick and easy way is to interview someone with an audio recorder (or via an app on your mobile phone) and have it transcribed to text, via one of the many inexpensive services on the web. Finally, post it to your blog along with a photo.
  12.   Survey some of your past customers and ask them why they decided to work with your agency. How did they find you? How was their experience? Post the article to your blog along with photos (if you have their permission).
  13.   Create an infographic and post it to your blog. People love infographics and you could quickly build one that is fun to view. Get started here.
  14.   Community events are an evergreen opportunity for blog content. Monitor what’s going on in your area and post some of the most significant events to your blog. This is also another great chance to pick up some reciprocal links with local charities and organizations.
  15.   Compose individual blog articles about different categories of properties. Maybe a post devoted to lake front homes, luxury homes, inexpensive homes, etc., all containing links to some of your listings.
  16.   Property taxes – Everyone wants to know the tax rates. Provide a blog post with information about tax rates in each city or town.
  17.   Assemble your “posse”. Write about insurance agencies, mortgage companies, property inspectors, etc. who you have worked with and how they have helped your clients. Again, another opportunity for reciprocal links and viral shares on social media.
  18.   Write helpful articles targeted towards specific groups of buyers. Such as retirees, first time home buyers, landlords seeking rental properties, etc.
  19.   Craft an ongoing series about home maintenance, landscaping, home decor, gardening tips, etc. This could be a great evergreen resource where you can always find and create plenty of new blog content. Also a benefit for SEO purposes as well.
  20.   Has your agency or agents received any awards or accreditation’s, etc.? If so, brag it up. People like to read success stories and this will give you a boost as an authority in your profession.
  21.   Make it personal. Most of all, have fun producing and writing for your blog. If you’re enjoying what you write, it will come through to your audience.

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