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Frustrated With Your Website and Internet Marketing?

Questions to ask a web design company

As the web becomes more complicated and crowded it’s easy to see why many business owners become frustrated with their website, social media and Internet marketing plans.

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So why are so many business owners frustrated with their websites and web marketing?

Here’s why:

Back in the late 1990’s all you needed was a website. You could literally “set it and forget it”.

Those were the glory days and early beginnings of websites. Most businesses didn’t have a clue about websites or email and getting a first page ranking in Yahoo (the number one search engine in pre-Google days) was relatively easy.

Fast forward to 2017 where it seems everyone is on the web, fighting tooth and nail for the coveted first page search results in Google.  Social media evolved and everyone rushed to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., in an attempt to market their businesses online.

Your Facebook Page Organic Posts is Actually Seen By Only 2% of Your Fans

from Hubspot: A study from Edgerank Checker found that between February 2012 and March 2014, organic reach for the average Facebook Page dropped from 16% to 6.5%. Research from Social@Ogilvy, meanwhile, suggests that for Pages with more than 500,000 Likes, organic reach could be as low as 2%.

Based on the figures above, that means a Page with 10,000 fans could expect just 650 of them to actually see that Page’s posts in their News Feeds. For a Page with 1 million fans, about 20,000 would end up seeing posts (based on the 2% figure).

The main problem is that many companies and business owners are STILL doing web marketing wrong…

Here is a list of common issues that you need to be aware of:

  • Do you have one of the “freebie websites” such as Weebly, etc.? If so, it’s probably benefiting the vendor more than your business
  • Is your website responsive (does it adapt automatically to mobile phones and devices)?
  • Do you have a content strategy in place? In order for Google to properly index and rank your website, you need quality, keyword rich content and a logical navigation plan.
  • Are your images optimized for fast, efficient loading?
  • Have you inserted the proper title and description meta-tags? These are essential towards ranking in Google.
  • Do you have backlinks from other high quality, relevant websites? A lack of quality, incoming links is like owning a mansion in a swamp, where no one can find your beautiful home.
  • Do you have a sitemap index of pages? A sitemap helps Google to crawl through your website efficiently.
  • Are you using social media effectively? A scheduling plan is key towards success with social media networks.
  • Are you using social media effectively? Boosting a Facebook post once in awhile for $5 simply isn’t enough. A proper digital marketing plan is key towards success with social media networks. Properly built ads can be highly effective without breaking your budget.  We can help you with proper social media advertising.

Understanding Twitter and How to Actually Take Advantage of it for Web Marketing

Sometimes doing something wrong is worse than doing nothing at all

Novice web managers and people who administer websites without any technical skills will probably have issues to deal with at some point. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s probably best to hold off until you can get help from a trained professional.

How we can help to get your web marketing working efficiently…and profitably:

With over 25 years of experience, we’ve seen it all. Changes occur all the time on the web and what may have worked just a couple years ago can now get you into trouble. If you would like an honest review of your website, social media or any other web marketing campaigns you have in place, contact us now or call 802-355-8775 to schedule a free, no obligation consulting session.

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