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Big Mack’s Tree Service

Peter Mackauer is the owner of Big Mack’s Tree Removal Service, in Brooklyn, New York. After several years of losing access to his website and social media accounts, he was unable to generate business via the web and communicate or connect with his customers. His website had been hacked and was eventually shut down. Thanks to a referral of one of our client’s in Vermont, Peter contacted Alpine Web Media for help.

We were able to track down information that allowed us to help him access his Facebook and Google My Business accounts. Fortunately, and perhaps most importantly, we were able to help him regain access to his domain name and we promptly created a Vermont web design, based on WordPress, that was simple but efficient in getting him back on the web. There’s still a bit of work left to do but we are thankful that Peter reached out to our Vermont web design & development company to assist him. Visit Big Mack’s Tree Service of Brooklyn, New York at