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10 Important Tips for Getting Started with Twitter

Here are 10 important tips for getting started with Twitter as an Internet marketing tool

At first glance, Twitter looks like any other social networking website, but it can be so much more.

This is useful because:

When properly used, Twitter can become an effective internet marketing tool

The first step towards getting started with Twitter, is to create a free account and develop a list of followers.  By following the updates and tweets of other members, they should return the favor.

You can also use message boards to exchange information
Why should I market my website on Twitter?

As for why you should market your website or blog on Twitter, it has to do with communication.  That is what Twitter is all about, encouraging and short, but meaningful conversations.

Users want to feel like they made a new friend, not like they are being pursued as a consumer.

getting started with twitter

How to get started on Twitter now:

Getting started with Twitter is really easy. Simply go to

  1. Choose a username, password, and provide your email address.
  2. The next step involves developing a list of contacts.  These are individuals whose updates and Tweets you will receive and follow.
  3. Look for others who might do the same for you.

At Alpine Web Media, Vermont web design, we can assist you with setting up a Twitter account and getting you started.

Here are 10 powerful tips to help you get started on Twitter:

1. First, if you have a Twitter account, make sure you are using it for business, not just personal use. 
Not realizing Twitter’s serious potential as an internet marketing tool can cost you money. Create a relevant Twitter page header and add an appropriate profile image. This will show the Twitter community that you are a serious, authentic business.

2. Make sure to add a useful description of what you do (or service you provide) in your profile along with contact information.
You can add a link to your website but a much more powerful link to create is to a landing page on your website, where you can immediately capture the visitors e-mail address in exchange for a free gift. More on this below.

3. It is important to determine and define your targeted market. 
If you sell eBooks on a variety of subjects, you will have a wide market.  If you sell used kids clothes on eBay, your target market will include parents, and so forth.  If you are providing computer or network services, team up with other types of computer professionals such as web and graphic design firms.

Once you know who or what your targeted market it, it is easier to find these individuals and companies on Twitter.

4. Avoid blatant advertising
Another easy way to avoid the spam factor is to make certain that your Tweet messages do not appear as advertisements.  Your main goal is to advertise your website, blog, product, or service, but take a strategic approach.  Many use Twitter to communicate with friends and to network online.  Most Twitter users do not want to spend hours reading and sifting through advertisements.

5. Offer useful information, not spam
Provide something of value such as a link to a useful how-to article. For instance, if you sell real estate, write an article about the “10 Best Things You Can Do to Sell Your Home”, as opposed to yet another listing culled from the MLS system. Of course it’s fine to include your listings once in awhile but mix it up a bit so that your Twitter feed is not boring and predictable.

6. Once you have someone on your website capture the lead
A visitor comes to your website based on a post in Facebook or a Twitter “tweet”. Make sure you offer the new visitor a way to subscribe by email and reward them with a high value reward for doing so. That could be an eBook, coupon or just about anything of value that you could offer your visitor in exchange for his or her email address.

7. Use Twitter during normal business hours
Many people use mobile phones to monitor Twitter activity. Remember your goal is to market and make a name for your business, not disrupt potential customers during sleep. Also, tweeting important information after business hours will reduce the chances of it being seen by your audience (unless you are targeting a different time zone around the world).

8. Utilize Twitter’s tools and resources
You can find contacts by searching by email address, name, and location. Perform a search on Look for those who need a product or service you are selling.

9. Follow those who follow you
On Twitter, someone who follows your Tweets or updates is referred to as a follower.  Whether you acquired followers online or gained a new reader through the grapevine, always return the favor.  Remember, not only can you send advisement though updates, but also through @replies.  If someone sends you an update saying “Trying to list my auctions on eBay, I hope they sell,” direct them to your eBook that shares eBay tips for sellers. Givers gain!

10. Use third party Twitter tools to manage and grow your Followers.
Getting started with Twitter doesn’t have to be time consuming. The following tools will save you a ton of time and guesswork. You should wait a few days after following someone to give them time to Follow back. If they don’t, then “unFollow” them after about a week. You want to grow your network with Followers who are interested in what you have to say.

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