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Shore Acres Inn & Restaurant

Shore Acres Inn & Restaurant Website

We re-designed the Shore Acres Inn & Restaurant website from the ground up in late summer 2021. The new website has many new features such as an employment application system, visitor testimonials section, e-mail newsletter list building and much more. Alpine Web Media also hosts the website with our all-inclusive security firewall, Google Analytics, SEO, and monthly WordPress core (and plugin updates) and cloud backup service.

Client Challenge

Shore Acres Inn & Restaurant needed a website upgrade with some new features, photos, videos and more. As a marketing resource, it was important that their website be state-of-the-art and able to quickly and easily adapt to future changes and elements, both in terms of web technology and the rapidly changing business environment.

Once you know what you want to accomplish, Alpine Web Media has the tools and methods that allow you to achieve success. One condition is that those who get involved in the work can learn and contribute substantially, helping your business grow. Involvement from key representatives within your business is crucial to success.


Businesses today face many challenges due to COVID-19, the economy, etc. They need to keep on growing despite the endless challenges. The requirement to increase efficiency. The demand to operate sustainably. And there’s extraordinary pressure on web technology to deliver the necessary solutions. These solutions represent a significant investment for any business and it’s vital that they perform effectively, reliably, always.