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When your business relies upon branding then it is vitally important to establish your web presence accordingly.

Vermont local design and development

There’s a lot more to professional web design than grabbing a do-it-yourself, freebie web builder and adding a few pictures. In the past 25 years, we’ve performed triage on more websites than we count. Although some were simply “ok”, others were literally invisible within the search results and for good reason.

When your business relies upon your website…

Botching up on a personal website or blog is not a huge deal. However, when it comes to your business, it’s an entirely different matter. Can you afford to do harm to your business with a website that has errors, cannot be found or totally misrepresents you business? For most businesses, these are valid concerns…and they should be!

Like anything else, there’s always a possibility to “do it yourself”. I used to work on my own car until I learned early on that my mistakes cost me more time and money than if I had the work professionally done in the first place.

Your website can reveal a lot about your business

If it’s professional in appearance, easy to navigate and enjoyable to your visitors, chances are that conversions to sales, etc. will be a breeze. Building up a customer base both online and for a brick and mortar business require a website design that reflects the professional quality of your business.

We’ve seen some pretty awesome businesses that have totally ignored their website presence and that can be a costly mistake.

If first impressions are important, a website designed by cousin Jethro (who’s main profession is trapping muskrats) probably won’t entice new customers to seek out your gorgeous sporting goods store, that’s the talk of the town.

Do yourself a huge favor and contact us for a free consultation about your business website first.

Our Solutions

We spend more time exploring, testing and implementing new web technology and marketing techniques than actually building websites. That includes testing different themes, plugins and techniques. Security is a huge concern these days and selecting the wrong theme or content management system can be a costly mistake, in more ways than one.

It's always wise to organize a sturdy framework before adding bells & whistles to a website. Like the best homes, successful websites are built upon a solid web hosting foundation.

  • Review an existing design to see what can be improved or totally replaced.
  • Find and implement a plan that fits the client's business and addresses their particular needs.
  • Carefully consider what branding best suits the client's business and drives customer traffic and conversions.
  • Formulate a model for success that is both affordable and scalable for future business growth.
  • Provide an environment to share the client's business presence locally and worldwide.

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