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WordPress Gutenberg Block Editing

WordPress Gutenberg Changes web design

WordPress website building and editing is making some big changes

WordPress is the framework that your website uses to showcase your business. It’s the number one system available for building websites and enabling business owners and beginners to easily do simple edits, etc. with their websites. For many years, WordPress has used the same background system which many web designers and customers love.

WordPress is still one of the best website building platforms available but big changes are already in effect that could change how you build and edit your website. As part of our Vermont web design services, we keep an eye on all the latest WordPress developments to keep our client’s websites working well.

New Changes Good for Novices

The good news for non-technical people who like to work with their websites is that WordPress has shifted to a “blocks” editing format. That means it might be easier for the average business owner, non-technical person to login and manage their website. For technical people, like myself, it is a bit of a headache because we can no longer make code and CSS changes as easily as we used to. When you think of “blocks” it really is a bit like children’s blocks with little icons and pictures on each block that show you what they do.

The Down Side of the New Gutenberg Blocks System

WordPress has announced that after 2021, they will no longer support the old, reliable system many of us developers have enjoyed for years. As a matter of fact, many WordPress themes are now starting to become obsolete as they are pushing us to the new “blocks” system, as they phase out the old, reliable themes.

I have already seen some of my own and client’s websites affected by this. While some websites might get by just fine for a few more years, others may be faced with a theme update to the new blocks system. If you’re seeing issues that you didn’t notice before you may want to contact us about replacing your theme with the latest blocks version.

Phone calls and e-mails are already coming in so I wanted to get the heads-up out to all of you as to what may be coming in the near future. Thank you!

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