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Web Video Production

Getting in front of your customers or audience has never been easier! These days, people consume web video at an ever increasing rate. Don’t miss out on showcasing your business!

Video Marketing for the Web YouTube

The most often preferred way of consuming information is via web video. Just witness the power of YouTube and how it has grown and you'll see why it's “big business” to create videos that can expand your business presence beyond imagination.

Web Video Productions – Searchable, Fun and Easy!

We can create spectacular web video productions including slideshows/videos from your photos and/or video clips, as in the examples below. A soundtrack of your choice can be added, along with text captions, etc.

Web video is perfect for wedding memories, vacations, real estate “virtual tours” and much more. Videos can be produced in high definition for DVD’s, CD’s or for posting on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other sites.

How to leverage Web video…

Adding video to your website, blog or even Facebook is very easy to do.

Video cams are inexpensive and many digital cameras include a video option as well. Some even allow you to convert and upload videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo and other web video platforms.

YouTube is owned by Google and shares the powerful search options that you would come to expect.

If you’re a real estate company or other business that relies on visuals for your website success, then web video production is a must.

Vermont web design and web hosting along with SEO and everything you need to get started and showcase your video on the web,

  • Showcase projects that you have completed. This is especially useful for trades people such as contractors, driveway repairs, tree services, home builders, architects, landscapers and more.
  • Inform your clients or customers about procedures. Create videos that show how a medical procedure might work, examples of different options, etc. Medical professionals, dentists, eye care specialists, chiropractors are good examples of businesses that would derive a benefit from creating quality web videos.
  • Provide information in an easy to understand way. Professionals such as attorneys, accountants, computer networking professionals, etc. can utilize web video to present information that may be complicated or difficult to understand in a company blog or website, in a more “down to earth” informal way using video.
  • Create tutorial walk through process videos. We do this ourselves for most of our clients who hire us to build their websites. If they want to edit and maintain their own website, we prepare an instructional video that gives them a top level overview of how everything works. This saves a ton of time and expense from teaching in person and/or repeating the process. Our clients love it!

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